Who We Are?

Cross Borders, Link Markets

Lert Global Group

Lert Global Group was founded since March 2015. During the past 5 years, Lert has achieved a rapid and ambitious development. Now Lert is the No.1 integrated cross-market solution provider for Thailand-China service.

Lert has been serving 300+ clients with the need of cross-boarder service between China and Thailand, among them including the leader enterprises of each industry from each country. Meanwhile, Lert is the cooperation partner of domestic marketing agencies, and is dedicated to provide the cross-market service with professional excellency for both side.

The founder and CEO of Lert, Mr. Suwat Ruckthongsuk, with 12 years+ experience in international business execution both in Thailand and China, has been rewarded the “Quality Persons of the Year 2020” by Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand.

Company's Milestone

Lert 1.0

Founded in Bangkok

Lert 2.0

Launched Thai Famous program
for cross-border E-commerce

Lert 3.0

• Becomes the No.1 in Thailand
• Launched China-to-Thailand service, ASEAN E-commerce operation, Lert Academy

Board Of Directors

Mr. Suwat Ruckthongsuk

CEO of Lert Global Group Co., Ltd.

Executive Secretary-General of Thai- Chinese and Southeast Asia Business Trade Association

Ms. Susan Su

COO of Lert Global Group Co., Ltd.

Vice President of Thai-Zhejiang Trade Association

Our Dynamic Teams