Pre-Market Solution

Be fully prepared and equipped is your first strategy

Lert Academy is a service division under Lert, and is dedicated to empowering your business with fresh market insights. Lert Academy is equipped with our best minds, exquisite data analysis, and intelligence monitoring systems.
Lert Academy

Business Registration / Certificates

Preparing and filing a registration is the first step towards import and export to another country. We provide registration service for a variety of certificates including trademark, CFDA, CIQ, etc.

Strategic Consulting

We analyze business practices, define designated markets, identify industry trends and opportunities, and advise branding positioning, etc. Let our consultants be your guides and smooth your entry to the new and unfamiliar markets. We troubleshoot your current problems and implement vital solutions.

Market Research & Analysis

Up-to-date and accurate local market research is absolutely key. From consumers to industrial survey, from product testing to focus group, work with Lert Academy research programs to enhance your strategy.

Data Service

With our intelligence monitoring systems, we provide datasets for brand social scientific and products E-Commerce performance data in China. These cover a wide range of products categories.


We are delighted to share the knowledge and experience of cross-market success. Knowledge is power, and may Lert training courses and industry seminars bring you more power when entering a new market.

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