Lert Global Group

The No.1 Cross-market Solution Provider between China and Southeast Asia

Who We Are?

Founded since March 2015, Lert has achieved a rapid and ambitious growth during the years. Now Lert is the No.1 integrated cross-market solution provider for Thailand-China service, and the leading one for ASEAN-China market.

Lert is dedicated to providing professional service with our dynamic teams. So far, we have been serving 300+ clients in China, Thailand and Malaysia, among them including the leading enterprises of each industry from each country. Meanwhile, Lert is the cooperation partner of domestic agencies and platforms in China and ASEAN countries.

Why Lert?


Others claim to be, whereas we are the true No.1 service provider in terms of ASEAN-China marketing promotion and sales enhancement, with prominent team scale and numerous cases of proven success.


We are determined to increasing sales performance and build a far better customer service approach, whether you are a well-know or nascent company, our optimal services for you make no exception.

Partnership & Dealership

We anticipate partnership rather than being a service supplier, and we are always on the lookout to cooperate with your brand in multiple fields.

Our Service


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Key Partners & Awards

Co-founder of Thai-Chinese and Southeast Business Trade Association

Vice President of Thai-Zhejiang Trade Association

Member of Marketing Association of Thailand

24th CBE International Cosmetics Industry Contribution Award

“Quality Persons of the Year 2020” by Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand

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